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A Bit About Us

Shaving in the Dark is a Shanghai- based collective of artists (some say "nerds") with a passion for comics and illustration. We like to think of ourselves as a community-driven platform for free expression and indie comics to liberate the cartoons lurking inside all of us. We do monthly Drink & Draw events to gather the horde, as well as art workshops that build skills, and occasionally brand partnerships or lifestyle fairs what-have-you, where we do murals, body painting, portraits, mini drawing classes, comic swaps… whatever we can do to make art more fun and accessible.

Subscribe to our WeChat channel to stay up to date with what we're up to, and come along to our next event to get involved. Everyone is welcome, from pencil wielding professionals to those whose fingers cower in the shadow of the graphite tool. So why not give it a go?

SITD是上海的一个热衷于漫画和插画的艺术家团体(有时也被称为“nerds”)。我们把自己定位成一个通过自由表达和独立漫画出版来释放内心想法的社区平台。我们每月组织Drink & Draw来吸引我们的成员,也通过一些艺术工作坊来互相学习漫画技巧,我们时而参加一些品牌活动或生活方式博览会,我们做壁画,人体彩绘,肖像画,漫画装饰物…所有这些都为了使艺术变得更易接触和有趣。



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